Like our body, our mind aches for constant rejuvenation. Meditation, the most powerful technique to control our mind and nourish our soul, helps us discover our true inner strength. It frees our mind from worries, anxiety and stress and takes us on the path of peace, calmness and pure happiness.


Stemming from the richness of ancient Vedas, meditation helps one to enter a state of deep rest, deeper than our deepest sleep. The experience is inexplicable. It can only be felt – calm mind, clarity of thoughts, deeper concentration, heightened self- confidence, mysterious inner strength and a profound sense of compassion, peacefulness and endless joy being its priceless outcome.


Continuous meditation associates you to a state of eternal happiness, completely independent of the external factors. It gets you closer to your own self and mankind, and detaches you from worldly possessions that might cause unhappiness. By meditating, you leave behind the negative feelings of anger, despair, frustration, grief, restlessness, mental imbalance, dissatisfaction and experience perpetual inner peace.


Meditation@Ayurveda Sadan


‘A stress free life filled with everlasting joy’ is the only objective of meditation@Ayurveda Sadan. Our learned practitioners, with sharpened insight and outstanding methods, vigilantly guide you through the meditation process; bit by bit helping you to approach the path of self- enlightenment.

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