Yoga Training

Yoga, derived from the word Yuj (in Sanskrit) means ‘to unite’; union of you as an individual (soul) with the universe (whole); union of the conscious with the subconscious. A complete science with its roots some 10,000 years ago in ancient Indian scriptures, Yoga is not just about some asanas and physical exercise. Practicing yoga unites the mind, body, spirit and the universe and guides us through a positive transition, resulting in constructive change in thoughts and behavioural pattern.


A perfect blend of physical exercises (yogasans), breathing techniques (pranayamas) and mental, emotional and spiritual elevation (meditation), Yoga creates a striking balance and true harmony and fills one with a lifetime of energy. Besides keeping you physically fit, it promotes self awareness, develops focus, reduces stress and nurtures immense internal strength. In nutshell, yoga is imperative for survival and in maintaining one’s sanity in an otherwise insane world.


Yoga@Ayurveda Sadan

With a holistic approach, we bring together all the techniques of ancient yoga and offer it to you in a unique style to promote physical, mental, social and spiritual health. Our learned yoga gurus help you to explore the subconscious, connect with nature and experience an overwhelming feeling of oneness. Uncover the possibilities of yoga and experience a mind free of stress and a spirit filled with euphoria.

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